Wonder Drug


Ivermectin has been used as a powerful medicine since 1980’ies. It has also been called a “horse paste” by some ignorant, non-scientific people.

There has been many debates about the effectiveness of Ivermectin for treating and healing of patients especially with Covid-19.

What is dynamic Ivermectin and why did it earn the title of “Wonder Drug”?



Wonderful Medicine


Ivermectin is a compound of the avermectin group, an anthelmintic medicine. It means treating infections caused by parasites. It is a forerunner as an antiparasitic agent.

Dr Satoshi Omura received the Nobel Prize in 2015 for his groundbreaking discovery of Ivermectin.

It has been considered one of the wonder drugs alongside with penicillin and aspirin.

It has been used safely and been administered in more than 3.7 billions doses worldwide since 1987. It has had an unmeasurable health benefit for improving lives and their wellbeing, especially the poorest people in the world.

Firstly, Ivermectin works on a cellular level that creates a better communication between cytoplasm and nucleus. This becomes important in fighting against the infection by becoming hostile towards viruses.

Secondly, it also reduces inflammation and blocks the pathway of binding the virus “spike” protein to a receptor (ACE2). This improves overall immunity of a cell function.

Thirdly, Ivermectin has multiple antiviral mechanisms and the ability to inhibit replications of viruses like Zika and Covid.

According to latest research, a combination therapy was found to be practical, safe and readily available for healing rather than using Ivermectin alone. Together with doxycycline, zinc and ivermectin as active components and Vitamin D and C as supplements, was proven to be most effective method of treatment. Hypoxia (oxygen deprivation in cells) was improved and any hospitalization was avoided.

Ivermectin is commonly used in a veterinary science but unknown to many people around the world, was a miraculous wonder drug that saved thousands and thousands of people from river blindness in Africa in 1980’ies. The use of Ivermectin improved nutrition, general health and welfare of these people affected by Onchocerciasis.





Spike Protein


The spike protein from a natural infection or a Covid vaccine causes damage to our body’s cells. It is important to take action to detoxify from it as best as we are able.

The spike protein is a highly toxic part of the virus, and research has linked the vaccine-induced spike protein to toxic effects.

The virus spike protein has been linked to adverse effects such as: blood clots, brain fog, pneumonia, and myocarditis.

The ACE2 receptor is located in the cell wall, in lung and blood vessel linings, and in platelets. Spike protein attaches to ACE2 receptors.

It has been proposed that large concentrations of spike protein may bind to our ACE2 receptors and blocking the regular functioning of these receptors in various tissues. The disruption of these receptors has been connected to altered bodily functions. It could stimulate the immune system to attack healthy cells and trigger an autoimmune illness.

It can also cause abnormal bleeding or clotting if the spike protein attaches to receptors in platelets and cells in the blood vessels like arteries and veins.

Ivermectin may interfere with the attachment of the spike protein to the human cell membrane and render it ineffective.

Ivermectin also changes many inflammatory transmitters like kinases, enzymes that catalyses energy formation in the cell.


Treatment for Rosacea


A condition called Rosacea that causes redness and often small, red, pus-filled bumps on the face can be quite debilitating and causes embarrassment and depression among both men and women.

Ivermectin 1% cream for the once-daily treatment of patients with inflammatory lesions of rosacea is available and has been proven effective in immunopharmacologic studies. Ivermectin demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties and offers an easy solution and effective treatment for patients suffering from this condition.

This antibiotic-free treatment option possesses unique anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic qualities.






Ivermectin is available in a tube format as an ointment. Recommended dose is 0.4mg/kg/dose taken daily based on the Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance with association of American Physicians and Surgeons protocol.

For skin conditions, Ivermectin 1% cream can be applied topically avoiding eyes, lips and mouth. Once-a-day treatment has been proven effective in treating Rosacea.


Scientific Evidence



Ivermectin- An award-winning drug with expected antiviral activity  Ivermectin- An award-winning drug with expected antiviral activity

                   Ivermectin Cream Approved for the treatment of Rosacea