Susan’s Story

Meet Susan…



Susan had always been a healthy and active woman. She took care of her body, ate a balanced diet, and went for regular checkups.

She had always considered herself a healthy and active person and didn’t expect to face any major health issues as she was just about to turn 50…

However, during one of her routine health checkups, her doctor informed her that her blood sugar levels were high, and she had diabetes.

The news left her feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do next.

Susan was shocked and devastated. She couldn’t believe that she had diabetes. She thought she was doing everything right, and this news was a wake-up call for her.

She knew that she needed help to navigate this middle age health crisis, and so she started to research and seek out a health coach.

Finding a Guide


“Where can I find some help?” Susan asked herself.

However, Susan was determined to overcome her challenges and take control of her health.

She sought out a health coach who could guide her through the process and provide her with the support she needed.

After researching and interviewing several health coaches, Susan found a coach that resonated with her.

Her coach was a middle-aged woman who had overcome diabetes herself, using natural methods.

Susan was excited and motivated to start working with her coach.





However Susan was struggling internally to come to terms with her diagnosis. She was worried about the long-term implications of the condition on her health and quality of life.

Firstly, she was struggling with feelings of guilt and self-blame, wondering if she could have done anything differently to prevent the disease.

Secondly, Susan faced several challenges externally as well.

She had to make significant changes to her diet and lifestyle, which required a lot of effort and discipline. She found it hard to give up some of her favourite foods and adjust to new eating habits.

She also had to find time for exercise, which was difficult with her busy work schedule and family commitments.

Thirdly, Susan was struggling psychologically to cope with the changes in her life. She was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and uncertain about the future.

She was also worried about how her family would react to her diagnosis and how it would affect their lives.

Susan also had feelings of isolation and loneliness, as she didn’t know anyone else with diabetes and felt like no one else understood what she was going through.



The Great Plan…



The mentor helped her develop a positive mindset, set achievable goals, and stay motivated even when things got tough.

Together, Susan and her coach worked on addressing her internal challenges, such as her feelings of anxiety and self-blame.

They focused on reframing her thoughts and beliefs about diabetes, helping her understand that it was not her fault and that she could take steps to manage the condition effectively.

Her coach helped her understand the root causes of her diabetes and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

They worked together to create a customised plan that included changes in her diet, exercise routine, and stress management techniques.

She focused on making small, sustainable changes to her diet and exercise routine, rather than trying to overhaul her entire lifestyle overnight.

Psychologically, Susan found comfort and support in her coach and other members of her diabetes support group.

She learned that she was not alone and that there were other people out there who were going through similar experiences.

She also found new ways to reduce stress and anxiety in her life, such as practicing meditation and walking.







Help around the Corner…


When Susan learned that she had diabetes, she felt like her sense of health status was threatened.

To address this need for health status, Susan turned to her health coach and support group.

They provided her with the guidance and support she needed to make positive changes in her life, helping her to feel more in control of her health and wellbeing.

Her coach helped her set achievable goals and celebrate small victories, which helped to boost her confidence and sense of status.

Susan also found support in her family and friends, who encouraged her and celebrated her successes with her.

By sharing her journey with others, she was able to build a sense of community and connection. She realised that she was not alone in her struggles and that others were going through similar experiences.




New Happy Discoveries…


After several months of hard work and dedication, Susan finally found a natural solution to combatting the diagnosis of diabetes.

As she made positive changes to her diet and lifestyle, she felt a sense of accomplishment and pride in taking control of her health.

She also felt a newfound sense of gratitude for her body and its ability to heal and adapt.

As time went by, Susan started to notice improvements in her health. Her blood sugar levels were stabilising, and she had more energy. She no longer had to rely on medication to manage her blood sugar levels.

She felt empowered and grateful for her coach’s guidance and support.

Through her journey, Susan learned that overcoming diabetes was not just about physical health, but also about mental and emotional wellbeing.

It was tied to her resilience, determination, and ability to overcome challenges. By embracing her identity as a fighter and survivor, she was able to maintain her sense of status and find a new sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Susan learned to accept her diagnosis as a part of her reality and to focus on what she could control in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life. She recognised that her struggles were a part of a larger human experience.

She learned to live in the present moment and to appreciate the blessings in her life, even amidst the challenges and struggles.

She also discovered the power of self-compassion and forgiveness, which allowed her to move past her feelings of shame and guilt and to embrace a new sense of inner peace and wholeness.

Through her journey, Susan found a new appreciation for her health and wellbeing.




As Susan continued on her journey, she also discovered new passions and interests, such as healthy cooking and exercise, which brought her joy.

These experiences allowed her to connect with her body, mind, and spirit in new ways and to tap into a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-realisation.

Transcendence in Susan’s story can be seen as her ability to move beyond her physical and emotional limitations and to connect with something larger than herself.

Through her journey of managing her diabetes, Susan discovered a sense of purpose and meaning that went beyond her individual experience. She now encourages others to take control of their health and seek out help when needed with a newfound sense of purpose and determination.

Susan also experienced a sense of completeness through her connections with others. Through her diabetes support group and interactions with her health coach, she found a sense of community and belonging.