What is Your purpose in Your Life?


According to research, people that have found purpose for their lives, are happier and their life expectancy is longer.

Have you found your purpose, your Life Assignment for your life?

Self-awareness is knowing your qualities and capabilities what you carry inside of you. Your soul is connected to your spirit. God’s divine kiss breathed life into your soul. Your mind, emotions, positive and negative feelings, memory, thoughts, worries are all part of your soul.

The way you think and see yourself, your self-image and self-confidence is part of your soul.

Responsiveness to your emotions by acting in a certain way and your skills how to cope in different circumstances and your confidence in dealing with different matters of life is part of your makeover.

What makes your heart happy and full of joy? If your work makes your heart and inner self joyful, most likely you have found your purpose in your life.





Purpose is built around People


What is a higher purpose in your life? God created in us an ability to care for one another and strive for something bigger than ourselves.

Our purpose in our lives is larger than “poor little me”. If we only focus on “me, myself and mine”, our world gets smaller and smaller. But if we focus on “them, themselves, theirs” meaning another person, our world becomes larger and larger, and we can start stretching our tent pegs.

Is your purpose to look after your family and running the household? Is your purpose to be the breadwinner of the family household?

Purpose is your key to opening the doors to your breakthrough.


Purpose improves Mind and Body Health


Our brains have a neuromodulatory system that releases chemicals. 

Happiness chemicals are our happy hormones, and we need to make them optimal in our bodies like for example serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins. 

You can easily increase dopamine levels by completing a task, having a purpose  and celebrating little wins in your life. Happy hormones like dopamine are associated with a reward of feeling good. 

Study from National Academy of Sciences showed clear distinction of people associated with kind actions and charity work and their immunity levels. They had stronger antibodies and reduced the amount of inflammatory genes, which are beneficial in fighting against viral infections.

It is fair to say that people with purpose are healthier.


Purpose-built Businesses


Businesses that have a purpose built into their infrastructure do better than the ones who don’t have it. The reason for this is that when the rubber hits the road, meaning when things are not going smoothly, the purpose in the business will keep you going and motivated.

The purpose is related to your passion, which gives you a reason to keep going no matter what. It is a long-term goal, that doesn’t change your mind and actions even when it is challenging.

If you are facing obstacles in your life, it is a chance to turn them into wonderful opportunities. Trials in our lives are training and preparation for the future and we can appreciate them if we view them differently. Be the one that turns obstacles into opportunities by having a greater purpose in your life.

Purpose is a guiding principle based on meaningful goal of your business. It is the impact we want to have in our world through our business.


Visualise Your Purpose


According to Oxford Dictionary, purpose can be defined as a person’s sense of determination.

Purpose can be explained as having a strong focus on what is most important.

Whatever you focus on, it will attract exactly the same things into your life. If you focus on good things, good things will manifest into your life.

Visualisation aids you to create your goals by conditioning your brain to see, hear and feel the success in your mind.

It is like looking through a particular lens, your unconsciousness, your imagination, your deepest desires and seeing your life purpose unfold within your inner eye.

Take time to dream and visualise your life purpose. I can assure you that it will be worth while.


7 Benefits of Living your Purpose:


1) Purpose in Your life will give fulfilment on a heart level by contributing into other people’s lives.

2) Purpose will guide your decision making in everyday life and shapes the direction of your future

3) Purpose will keep you going during storms of life

4) Purpose will enlarge your world

5) Having a purpose makes you stronger and more determined

6) Purpose will make your business more successful

7) Purpose enhances the health of your soul and body by increasing dopamine and immunity