What does program solve:
New ways in Health management, both preventative and treating current illnesses. Improves overall health & wellbeing, weight loss, switching chemical medications to natural medications, depression, addictions, sickness.

Benefits of program overall:
Free From Depression, More Energy And Better Health, Reducing The Amount Of Medications By Replacing With Natural Medications, Feeling Happier And Empowered

Modules in program and benefits of each Module:

Module 1 MAGNIFICENT MINDSET : Learning to replace negative thinking with healthy and positive thinking. Easy methods to bring wholistic wellness in your spirit, mind and body. 

Module 2 BLUEPRINT OF YOUR LIFE: Learning to create an individual plan for your health and to be free from constant worries and fears by taking control of our words and actions.

Module 3 HAPPY HYDRATION: Learning to restore our bodies to make it alkaline by starting to hydrate it effectively and making it a priority.

Module 4 FABULOUS FEAST: Learning to choose right nutrients to keep us full and satisfied, cost-effective, nutritive, with simple solutions for our diet and secrets especially when it comes to our protein intake.

Module 5 FAST WITHOUT DEPRIVATION: Learning how to fast in a correct way midfully and not to feel deprived.

Module 6 BE ACTIVE & GET MOVING: Learning to create an exercise plan together to get moving and be active with simple solutions.

Module 7 BLISSFUL REST: Learning how to have a better sleep without hormonal imbalance and peaceful rest mindfully.

Module 8 BEAUTIFUL HERBS: Learning simple ways to add herbal products into our diet and also use natural herbs from our garden to improve health & well-being.

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