What are you thinking today? What are your so called “old mindsets” that you have been stuck for years?

Mindset is not about your intelligence or even your personality. Mindset is something you must work on every day. Or if you don’t nothing changes in your natural world. A change is an inside job, your internal thinking matters!

Are you willing to pursuit for the things you would like to have in your life?

Everyone wants to be successful until they find out the work, they need to do for it. You become successful in those daily moments that most people are not willing to do daily.  Are you willing to change some things like daily habits if you know that it will benefit you? Your daily habits will turn into permanent behaviour in the long run.


Thinking is connected to your DNA


Thinking about the same thought continuously becomes your biology, your DNA through protein synthesis. For example if you think that “I’ll always get sick during the flu season”, most likely you are going to experience some flu symptoms.

Brainwaves facilitate our comprehension of thoughts and images through a process. This gives us our deductive reasoning, which is explained as one or more statements to reach a logical conclusion, and our personality and the dimension of our existence.

Comprehension comes through seeing with the eyes of imagination and mind and hearing with ears. These senses connected to the mind. This process activates the brainwaves. Brainwaves allow the brains to pick up images of sight, sound and experiences through an electrochemical process like snapshots and then it travels to your short-term memory. This process programs your mind.


Right Nutrition for your Mind


Trees keep growing as long as they get their right nutrition in through the soil. Soil has to be nutritious, hydrated and full of right kind of ingredients.It is similar to our mindset; we need to feed our mind the right kind of nutrients and definitely not junk food. Junk is material that doesn’t elevate your thinking.

Let me ask you, how do you feel when you read fake news, horror stories, gossip? Are you inspired and motivated by what you read and watch? Or do you feel scared and demotivated? As we all know, a healthy body doesn’t survive on junk food.  Why do you think your mind would survive on junk food? If your mind doesn’t get right nutrition, it will starve. Starving means that you will be thinking anxious and worried thoughts.

Who are you listening? 

Listening requires discernment and not acting by wrong impulses requires determination and patience and wisdom. You are the king of the kingdom of your mind, you decide who you listen to and give permission for your thoughts to enter. 

What is right kind of nutrients to feed your brains? It is something that elevates your mind, inspires you, comforts you and motivates you. Perfect “mind” nutrition is positive for your thinking and makes you happy.

Like my business mentor, Pat Mesiti, says: “Education is not expensive, but ignorance is”. You can easily educate yourself how to look after yourself, for example, what nutrients is good for your mind and body. However if you are ignorant relating to health matters, you’ll reap the disadvantages of illnesses.




Who would like to live to 120 years with the same cognitive abilities, same strength, same abilities that you have now and without pain? Or do you think it would not be possible? Do you think that once you get older, you start accepting the unevitable deterioration in your life?

What if I told you, you don’t have to go that road, what if I told you that changing your mindset makes a massive difference in your body? Body-mind-spirit connection is real and so important in your well-being.

I have had an opportunity to care for a beautiful old lady called Eleanor (name changed for privacy and confidentiality purposes). She suffered a stroke and had to be hospitalised for three months until she finally was able to come back home and being cared at home. Due to her remarkable faith and belief, she grew from strength to strength.

Are you one of those that need help but you’re not inclined to seek the required help? What are you motivated by? What keeps you going?

You need to do your best, so that you can always do better than your best.



You are the leader of Your life


Are you leading your life, or is someone else leading your life? Are you allowing someone else to influence your thinking?

You have the power to change your thinking and change your mindset. Neuroplasticity of the brain means that once you start thinking positively, it creates new communication tracks within the nerve cells. If you keep thinking positively, it stays permanently.

To retain information we have to transfer it from short-term memory to long-term memory. By rehearsing or recalling information many times creates structural changes in your brain and creates new neuronal pathways. The memory becomes part of your biological brain cells. This is how your mind is preserved and renewed.

Repeating the truth over and over again in order to create a new mindset changes the pathways of your thoughts travelling. It is like getting rid of toxic thoughts with new fresh ideas. Just like renovating your old 1970’s kitchen, old red cabinets must be removed before installing the new modern ones. This is called renovating your mindset.

Therefore, guarding your mind before it becomes part of your long-term memory is essential.


You have the POWER to believe:


  • Believing that you don’t get sick
  • Believing that your muscles & bones & body will thrive
  • Believing that you don’t get old
  • Believing that you don’t have pain
  • Believing that your body will heal itself
  • Believing the unbelievable!