How to improve your Natural Immunity?


The best way to avoid a common cold and flu is by improving your immunity health.

Strengthening your own natural immune system and defence mechanism against infections will help in relieving the symptoms.


What is a common cold and flu?


Have you ever wondered what is the difference between the cold and the flu?

It can be little bit confusing sometimes in differentiating between the two.

They are both caused by viruses, not bacteria. Therefore, antibiotics won’t unfortunately work and often use of too many antibiotics may cause adverse side effects.

Rhinovirus causes common cold. Symptoms are runny nose, sneezing and sore throat.

Influenza virus causes symptoms of high temperature, muscle aches, fatigue and usually appears suddenly.

Viruses are highly contagious respiratory droplets, spreading the infection through mouth, nose and eyes. Therefore, personal hygiene and good old hand washing are recommended.


Million-dollar question

How to improve your immunity then??

That is a million-dollar question that we all want to know the answer. The answer is that our bodies are slightly different and it depends on the person’s individual immunity, lifestyle choices, genetic and medical background.

First of all, we need to renew our thinking and believe that we can be healthy and declare with our words that “we are healthy”.

Don’t say things like “I always get sick during the winter season”. Words are powerful declarations concerning your everyday life and health.


Improve your Immunity with Hydration


Hydration is the key in maintaining health.

Water predominates 60% of red blood cells, 75% of muscle tissue, 92% of blood plasma and your brain requires constant supply of hydration and glucose.

Alkaline environment is an ideal environment for optimal health.

In an acidic body condition virus will grow and cause symptoms of flu and cold. High consumption of meat and dairy products makes your body very acidic.


Improve your Immunity with Nutrition


A balanced diet should include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit that are full of incredible nutrients and water. Therefore, you will also consume less calories automatically and that is great for keeping our waistlines visible.

Balanced diet also includes carbohydrates and proteins. You only need 0.8gm of protein per kilogram of your body weight daily.

Sugar addiction is a challenge for most people as hidden sugars can be found in processed foods. However, sugar causes reduction of white blood cells that are essential in fighting off the infections.

Fasting is now scientifically proven method to reset bodily functions towards healthier outcome by protecting organisms from premature death.

Fasting creates new cells and stimulates production of healthy immune cells and removes dysfunctional immune cells. So when you fast, do it mindfully thinking of the healing process in your body.

Improve your Immunity with Vitamins


It is a challenge to improve your immunity, but it can be achieved by maintaining the balance of nutrients that sustains the body’s immune defence.

Vitamin C is one of the vital supplements that helps in producing infection-fighting white blood cells and antibodies.

Another one is Vitamin E that enhances production of B-cells that destroys bacteria and reverses the effects of ageing on the immune system.

Vitamin D and Zinc has been scientifically proven to have antiviral and antibacterial properties therefore improves your immune system.

Regular exercise is so important in strengthening our immune system.

As little as 30 minutes of exercise per every day has been scientifically proven to improve overall cardiovascular, skeletal, muscular, respiratory and mental health.

Improve your Immunity with Sleep


Chronic stress and depression releases stress hormones which suppresses the function of immune cells. Stress inhibits your body’s ability to fight viruses.

You can easily reduce stress by doing something that you love every day.

During sleep, your body releases growth hormones, which help with cell and tissue repair and restore your skin.

Sleep also ensures the production of molecules that help your immune system fight against infections, including ones that affect the skin.

You want to make sure that you get plenty of peaceful sleep-in order to improve your immunity.



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