Regeneration of New Life


Life is all about renewal, new life being created everywhere you look. The nature, plants, animals and our bodies are continually growing new things, new cells and new substances.

It is called regeneration, a natural process of replacing old with new.

Did you know that you can create new life with spoken words which has a significant effect on your life and future?

Expressing your feelings is important, but we also need to understand how spoken words affect the reality and our future.

A spoken or written or heard word is like a seed that needs planting in the garden of your heart, and it needs nurturing and a water supply to grow.

You can create your future and new life through the words you use.

New plant grows from the seed


Let’s look at the process of growing a corn plant.

Firstly it takes between 55 and 95 days to produce mature ears of corn from the time it was planted. Planting, germination, vegetative, and reproductive stages are important.

Secondly, the corn seed begins almost immediately to grow after they are planted. With adequate moisture and soil temperature, the water will absorb into the seed and begin the process of germination.

Thirdly, nutrients, water and being stress free is important in growing the plant. When the ear of corn matures, the seed in the ear of corn will look identical, identical to the seed that was sown in the ground.

Fourthly,  reproductive system works well via pollination that guarantees the future growth of corn plants. How fascinating!




Spoken Words are like Seeds


Words are like seeds that need time and patience to grow into a beautiful existence.

Plant your words like seeds on the ground. You can plant seeds of kindness, joy, peace, prosperity and financial. Some people call it pay it forward.

Watering your seeds in your garden means speaking positive words and being thankful for those seeds. Watering the seed is speaking out loud and declaring the seed to be established. Seeds will sprout and produce bread for the eater as a process.

Have you ever seen a carrot shoot up as soon as you have planted it? It certainly requires time and patience.

Like a farmer knows to be patient for the seeds to sprout and the rain to water the plant and sunshine to grow the fruit, we need to be patient too. Impatient people don’t seem to have peace over circumstances. Patient people have peace in their lives.


The Power of Words


Words are like building blocks that create something positive or something negative.

It is very important to speak out words that you would like to have in your life instead of things you would not want to manifest in your life.

Have you ever said comments like:

  • Things never work out for me”
  • I can’t afford this”
  • “I’m no good” 
  • “Bad things happen to me all the time”
  • “I can’t do this”? 


Negative comments will hinder the process of manifestation of things hoped for. Make sure you don’t accidentally speak negative words.

We can easily react with our emotions and end up using unkind words instead of responding with positive words. This requires wisdom, patience and sometimes perhaps biting our tongue too.

Unhealthy, negative words can crush a person’s hopes. Without hope and purpose a person has a high risk of becoming depressed.

Therefore choose your spoken words wisely without emotional component.


Creative Words


Spoken words that bring life, health, joy, peace, and love to another person are building blocks for emotional growth and healing to their soul.

There is no law against someone that talks and acts in a loving way. 

What are the things you hope for in your life? 

You need to decide what you want, then decree it and it shall be established.

You are what you say therefore choose to say:

  • “I am healthy, beautiful, wonderfully made”.
  • I am accepted and approved”.
  • “I can afford this”.
  • “All things work out for my good”
  • ” I can do all things”.