ABOUT Reeta Somerville

Hi! I’m Reeta Somerville

Reeta is a Neonatal Nurse Specialist with over 20 years of experience in a major Hospital setting as a Neonatal Nurse Specialist, gifted in the area of healing and natural medicine, an author, a business owner, a parent with two teens, married to her high school sweetheart.

Reeta’s passion is to see people healthy and healed holistically through natural medicine. She is passionate about helping people to see their potential and conquering everyday life challenges. She has a heart of gold and practices what she preaches every single day.

Reeta Somerville

“I highly recommend this course. Reeta’s genuine care for her clients is truly remarkable & her understanding of the Spirit & Soul& Body connection is refreshing and eye opening.
I would encourage anyone who is seeking a better understanding of how to improve their personal health,to take part in this course and enjoy the benefits that I assure you will follow”

Louise Davis

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