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I help people to live happy and healthy…

If YOU feel being stressed, sick, tired, depressed, anxious, ageing, lonely or gained weight…

If  YOU need Nursing Services…


My backgroung is working over 20 years in a Hospital setting as a Neonatal Nurse Specialist and also have experience working in GP practise as a Practise Nurse and as a Private Health Consultant.

During my work at the Hospital and through my own experience being unwell, I saw a huge need for natural medicine and going back to basics in Health Care. Looking after ourselves holistically and enhancing health through natural solutions.

My passion is to see people healthy through preventative health care, both mentally and physiologically and offer help & advice through evidence based practise.


Reeta Somerville

I highly recommend this course. Reeta’s genuine care for her clients is truly remarkable & her understanding of the Spirit & Soul& Body connection is refreshing and eye opening.
I would encourage anyone who is seeking a better understanding of how to improve their personal health, to take part in this course and enjoy the benefits that I assure you will follow

Louise Davis

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Free 3-part videos of Healthy Renewal of your body

Imagine new life, healthy body, refreshed mind, staying young forever with easy tips

Here are some information how to get started:

How to renew your hydration in your body through Alkaline Hydration

How to renew your body against Oxidative Stress

How to renew your cells in your body through Fasting

Smooth Sailing into Your Supernatural Successful Solutions…



5 Ways to stay young and healthy through natural diet and fitness 

This is for you if you are:


Interested in improving your well-being through natural diet and fitness


Feeling DEPRESSED and ANXIOUS about your health


Have PAIN and ACHES in your body


BUSY but want to be HEALTHIER


TIRED of being SICK and tired and worried about your health



Solutions to your challenges:


Wellbeing & Wholeness in Your Health


Switch medications to natural medications


FREE from depression & sickness.

Benefits of program overall:


Better Health through Fitness


Better Health through having more Energy


Better Health through Natural Diet and Nutrition


Better Mental Health with Happiness


Better Health through Lifestyle

Supernatural Health

What in your life needs changing?

Now is your time to make a change.

Your time is precious.

You will never get it back.

Lost time is never found again.

This is YOUR time to shine and make a difference!

What does freedom look like for you?

Freedom is how you choose your time and whom you spend your time with.

Cherish the positive people and abandon negative people. Negative people know what they don’t want, but positive people know what they want.

Choose to think positively about what you want!

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